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butterflies & hurricanes.

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Ana. 24 anos. lesbian chic. psicóloga/psicanalista. relationship status: it's complicated. seriados. música. sedentária fingindo não ser. chocolate branco. piercings & tattoos. fotografias bonitas. pessoas interessantes. caveiras. rock. eletro pop/rock.

shows: buffy, glee, grey's anatomy, gilmore girls, skins, the big bang theory, true blood, veronica mars, game of thrones, new girl, 2 broke girls, parks and recreation, breaking bad, dexter, girls.

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aaron sprinkle, aimee allen, alternative rock, american beauty, ana carolina, angelina jolie, antm, be your own pet, björk, bloc party, body modification, bondage, brand new, bridget jones, bright eyes, buffy, cachorro grande, cansei de ser sexy, cat power, cazuza, christina aguilera, christina ricci, clarice lispector, damien rice, dashboard confessional, dead like me, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, deutsch, editors, edward scissorhands, eisley, ellen page, elliot smith, emo, emo songs, er, erotic art, eternal sunshine, fifth element, fight club, finding neverland, fiona apple, flexible squares, franz ferdinand, freud, frou frou, fuck music, garbage, garden state, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, gwen stefani, hard candy, head automatica, hot hot heat, hugh grant, i am sam, icons, internet, interpol, james marsters, jet, johnny depp, kaiser chiefs, kate moennig, kings of convenience, le tigre, lily allen, little miss sunshine, lj, los hermanos, lost, love actually, love songs, madonna, make up, marilyn manson, moptop, movies, msn, music, my chemical romance, natalie portman, nirvana, online friends, operator please, owen, peter bjorn and john, photography, piercings, pj harvey, placebo, pocahontas, psychology, punk, quotes, rancid, regina spektor, rock, s2, scarlett johanson, scrubs, sex and the city, she wants revenge, silverchair, sleepy hollow, smashing pumpkins, snow patrol, spice girls, spike, stereophonics, straylight run, suicide girls, taking back sunday, tattoos, tegan and sara, tegan quin, the academy is..., the bravery, the cardigans, the cranberries, the distillers, the donnas, the fray, the gossip, the hush sound, the killers, the l word, the little mermaid, the postal service, the sounds, the strokes, the subways, thirteen, tmi, tutorials, tv series, veronica mars, video clips, vive la fête, vodka, we are scientists, webdesign, white oleander, will & grace, yeah yeah yeahs, zach braff